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Quickbooks – & Sage Line 50 Accounting Services Sri Lanka!

We offer Affordable Accounting Services in Sri Lanka

Oganro offers finance and accounting services to Sri Lankan clients around Colombo District, Get your day-to-day, monthly or yearly accounting duties done by our member or team of Qualified Charted accountants or qualified Bookkeepers for a competitive low cost. Our accountants & bookkeepers are well seasoned, professional & well experienced. They understand your business and are trained to work closely with you as your own team.

Our accounting services and bookkeeping services not only will reduces your cost but also enables you to focus on more critical functions of your business, like your customers by providing you reliable completed work on time for you to act.

Our main accounting services are as below

Our Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services are focused at helping our customers with the management, accounting and tax preparation needs and significantly reducing their finance and accounts operating costs. Currently we use Quickbooks or Sage line 50 to maintain our entire client book keeping process.

Our Accounts Payable Service is an end-to-end solution includes Data Capture which is receipt and management of all paper-based payable & invoice documents. We sort these documents batch them and scan them for online filing before we index and log on to the purchase leader on Quickbooks or on Sage line 50. Further to above we can respond and process all invoice/supplier related emails and telephone queries.

All above process and routes of Invoice documents are processed according to previously agreed upon business rules with the customer. Invoices are routed to the relevant customer executives for approval and final resolution.

Our Accounts Receivable Services will enable our customers to efficiently deal with it’s key finance function such as cash flow management and credit controlling maintaining. We make sure our customers to increase their control on every customer with effective follow-up on outstanding invoices dues, and in-depth reporting on client activity, our Accounts Receivable Services will lead quicker payments and improved cash flow

As another accounting service we provide Payroll Processing Service, which we will manage, company payroll functions such as preparing weekly or monthly salaries for an employee, bonuses and deductions. The most regular form of payroll processing service is writing pay checks to the employees.

Ognaro tax Consultants are well seasoned, qualified and experienced, can help clients successfully respond to changing world creating opportunities by providing professional tax consultation service in Sri Lanka, wherever and whenever you needed. Our services are focused on areas such as Tax Planning and Advisory ,Tax Training ,Individual Tax Liability ,Preparation of Financial Statements ,VAT Advisory , VAT Refunds as well as ,NBT, Income Tax, PAYE,SVAT,EPF,ETF related matters.