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Please note this deposit payment of $100 is just for us to proceed and start with your company registration process. During this step we will make sure to complete your name registration and provide you name approval confirmation documentations. Also based on your registration application type. (E.g Limited Company, BOI etc…) our dedicated company registrar will advice and provide you full time and cost estimate to complete remaining tasks of  the registration process.

Based on your confirmation for above proposal we will proceed to the step 2 of the registration company Incorporation process.


Please complete above order and make a deposit payment of $100 to proceed with your order. Forming a business/company in Sri Lanka is a lengthy process. There are quite a few legal requirements to complete to meet the registration process. Oganro make sure this process is done professionally by offering our client legal consultancy service to assist you in forming a company under Sri Lankan law. With our registration process we will complete name approval for your company and also will be submitting draft Articles of Association after we get full comments & approval from you. Then we will get your company officially registered under companies Act of Sri Lanka. Finally we will send you corresponding approved Articles of Association alongside with the Certificate of Registration.

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