I need a to Develop a Multilingual Language OTA Website

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Roland Bishop asked 4 years ago

I would like to have Multilingual Language B2C OTA Travel Portal. I need French and Arabic. Arabic must be RTL and French should be LTR. user should be able to switch between two languages and all site content as well as website menus and buttons should translate accordingly. But I do not like Google translation. I prefer to have manual translation. Will you be able to do it?

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Oganro Staff answered 4 years ago

Our travel portal solution is fully capable of handling multiple languages, including LTR as well as RTL languages. Default language will be English. we also recommend to use  manual translation for better user experience. Yes, translation can be done for the full site content as well as for the menu and buttons. Also we offer options to translate supplier static data as well. if you wish we can provide sample live sites which we have already completed with these features.