HNB Payment Gateway Module for Magento

Name & Id : HNB Payment Gateway Module for Magento - 32

Version : 1.0.1

Downloads : 43

Last Updated : 2016-02-15

Magento HNB Bank payment gateway . Make you'r online payments via Hatton National Bank

HNB Payment Gateway Module

This Hatton National Bank payment gateway is suitable to convert your Magento website into a fast selling machine by offering a smooth and trustable online shopping experience to your customers. With the assistance of this online payment gateway plugin, you will be empowered to accept and process all internationally renowned debit and credit cards as well as most currencies.

Notably, this Sri Lankan Bank’s payment gateway plugin is free of charge to download and very simple to setup. It is as easy as a plug and play Magento plugin could be. Put a stop to your worries about the cyber threats posed by hackers, as this solution ensures that the entire online transaction process is completely secured in an exclusive manner.

This online payment gateway system is one of the highly demanded Magento plugins by several merchants in Sri Lanka. One of the forefront benefits for users is the fact that they are able to do and complete the payment in the website without needing to be redirected to another external site. As one of the main IT companies in the local market, Oganro is proud to have teamed-up with HNB to develop and support this crucial ecommerce solution.

Accept all main debit and credit cards
Flawless and easy integration into the Magento checkout webpage
Ground-breaking fraud prevention mechanism
Simple admin interface
Expedient payment process
Card data is preserved in the most secure method
Funds are automatically deposited into your merchant bank account within two business days
Free and express support service
SSL certificate for the web hosting account

Install latest version of Magento



All relevant account information details are set in the above shown panel. Merchant ID, Merchant Access Code and Hash Keys are provided by HNB Bank.


Displayed above are the Checkout Page payment options, inclusive of HNB IPG, offered to users for selection.