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Arca Secure Pay Armenia Shopify Payment Gateway Integration Service.

Connect your Shopify Store to Cabinet Arca Armenian IPG Facility and Start Accepting Credit Card Payments Today.


About Cabinet Arca Payment Gateway

arca-armania-Vs-ShopifyWith the intention of introducing a new payment system to its citizens, the Central Bank of Republic of Armenia and ten other Armenian commercial banks collaborated in establishing Armenian Card CJSC (ArCa) in March 2000 as the central operator of ArCa National Payment System. With the implementation of state of art payment and development technologies, ArCa has provided Armenian banking market the opportunity to address the modern financial demands of the global community by enabling them highly effective and efficient payment methods.

ArCa now operates as a member of MasterCard Europe, and a third-party processor for Visa, American Express and Diners Club International (DCI). It has facilitated the Central and the collaborated commercial banks to issue payment system cards of Mastercard, Visa, American Express, DCI, Russian MIR payment system and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) other than of Armenian Card CJSC.
The specialty is that ArCa offers its membership to financial organizations based both in and outside Armenia. Any organization specialized in banking or payment cards can qualify as a member of ArCa by acceding to its rules and regulations. With simplified online banking and payment methods, ArCa navigates the banking experience of the users to be satisfying, reliable and comfortable.

Range of ArCa Services

The high professionalism of the staff fused with the latest technical and software solutions have made ArCa the most influential step towards the advancement of Armenian economy. The company has impacted on businesses, banks and the community as it has enabled them easy transaction processing, management and administration with their services.

Since its implementation, ArCa has extended the range of services provided to its users. It administers plastic card payment systems, processes merchant card and card transactions in addition to execution of ATMs and merchant registration. Their high end softwares monitor and detect frauds 24/7 and assist in taking necessary actions against such. Online payment services enabled businesses and e-commerce sites are accelerated by ArCa with its ArCa Cabinet site and applications as they have implemented 3D secure technology to guarantee safety maintenance.

Insofar as ArCa facilitates electronic, mechanical and graphical card personalization, it has furnished clearing services for system members, ensuring the upgrading of efficiency and precision as well. Any kind of card transaction is enabled and notified to the card holder via SMS and USSD services. ArCa staff is available at service through their hotline 24/7 to make online banking experience highly convenient for the users.

Integrating ArCa to Shopify

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform in creating a professional online store with easy set up. As a Content Management System (CMS) as well, it enables the users to customize pages and designs without having to write codes with HTML. Choosing the payment gateway is the major concern in any Shopify store, as it directly affects the customer experience and therefore the online business.

ArCa addresses this need with its professional services and technologies being one of the best payment gateways to be integrated to any Shopify store. Being compatible to the variations of online businesses, ArCa directly impacts the growth of demands for businesses. It is trustworthy and efficient in processing the funds into the user’s account without delay and monitors for fraud related to the online payments.

Customers and Shopify stores around the world can easily interact with ArCa as it collaborates with international payment cards such as MasterCard and Visa, and is available for any organization in and outside Armenia. The quality of the customer experience in purchasing a product or a service in a Shopify store is enhanced by ArCa as a reliable payment gateway by providing customers their peace of mind in making the payment.

Shopify Hosted Payment Gateway Integration Service

Learn More About the Solution We Offer!

As you already know, Shopify platform do not offer direct option to process online payments through ArCa merchant facility. Now we have a solution to integrate Armenian’s most favourite IPG to Shopify store via HPSDK (Hosted SDK) method.

We are happy to integrate ArCa Armenian payment gateways to your Shopify stores. Oganro is a Shopify development partner. We have extensive experience developing and integrating third party payment gateways to Shopify stores across the world. We use Hosted payment SDK option recommended by Shopify to integrate these payment gateways to individual Shopify stores.Click Here to learn more about our Shopify payment gateway integration services.





First customer complete their customer details, billing and shipping details on Shopify checkout page. And then they will be selecting their preferred payment gateway on Shopify checkout stage.




Once customer enter pay now button, customer will be redirecting to corresponding payment gateway provider’s secure payment page to complete their payment card details to make the payment.




Customer will be only entering their secure details such as card number, expiry details and CV2 number on secure payment page hosted by merchant provider. Hence, it is 100% secure transaction.




Once trnaction process on IPG Payment page, Customer will be redirecting bank to Shopify store together with payment status, i.e successful or Decline and update the order status accordingly.

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