Cielo Brazil Shopify Payment Gateway Integration Service.

Connect your Shopify Store to Cielo Brazil IPG Facility and Start Accepting Credit Card Payments Today.


About Cielo Payment Gateway

Cielo vs Shopify
Cielo is a one of the leading eCommerce payment gateway provider in Brazil (Latin America). Over the past decade, they acquired and accredited quite a few commercial establishments around the globe. This includes 100% acquisition of the quotas representing the capital stock of Braspag in year 2011. At that time, they had a market share of close to 65% for eCommerce payment processing sector with in Brazil.

Furthermore they have over 1.2 million eCommerce merchants use their services across Latin America. And these customers are varied from sole traders to large retail customers across the country. In other words, they also have huge presents with in Self-employed retail eCommerce merchants & service providers.

Cielo Recognition

They have also selected as 7th most Innovative enterprise with Brazil and 3rd in Financial sector. In addition to above benefits through their online merchant facility, customers can process payments through wide selection of card types. This includes, main card types such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express,

Above all, using our services, you will be able to integrate Cielo payment gateway to your own Shopify store.In conclusion this will let customers to pay credit or debit cards at the checkout.

Types of Payment Gateway Solutions Offered By Cielo

Cielo Checkout API

Using this payment Cielo payment solution your customer will be redirecting to a secure online payment page from Shopify checkout page to complete the payment. This payment page is hosted by Cielo bank server itself.

Features related to Cielo checkout

  • Cielo secure servers hosting its uniform transaction screen with optimised layout for all client.
  • Payment page layout or structure cannot be customised. Only merchant logo and back ground colour of the payment page can be changed.
  • Payment can be processed as a Sale or Pre-Authorized. Once Pre-authorisation completed either capture can be done through Shopify orders on through Shopify admin or through Cielo merchant’s back-office.
  • Equipped with prebuilt in CyberSource Anti-Fraud security on checkout.
  • Unlike “Cielio e-commerce API” Cielio checkout only support Brazilian Real.
  • Checkout Cielo can accept variety of payment types of Credit and debit cards. Which includes Visa, Master Cards, American Express, Diners Club, Aura, JCB, Elo, Discover, Hipercards.
    Supported Visa & Master Debit card issuers includes – Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Santander, Itaú, BRB, Safra, Banco da Amazônia, Sicredi, Banco do Espirito Santo, Banco do Nordeste, Mercantil.
  • Elo cards supported issued by Caixa Ecônomica Federal.
  • Support bank slip (including Bradesco- not registered & SPS registered bank slips plus registered Banco do Brasil slips)
  • Support online debit facility with Bradesco and Banco do Brasil.
  • Cielo checkout also have instalment feature. (Maximum of 12 instalments)

Cielo eCommerce API

Using this Cielo payment solution your customer will be redirecting to a secure online payment page from Shopify checkout page to complete the payment. Unlike Cielo checkout option, using this option merchant’s payment page can be customised freely as it is hosted on merchant side. Again, this solution is also secure, since API calls between merchant and Cielo are always server to server communications and never be the customers browsers.

Other than customizable payment page, through Cielo eCommerce payment solution also enable merchants to checkout through Cielo other than Brazilian real. Other than these two differences, pretty much all other features listed on Cielo checkout payment solution is available through Cielo eCommerce as well.

List of other Cielo APIs compatible with Shopify checkout

  • E-Wallet facility through Google Pay
  • Cielo QR Code Payment Option
Shopify Hosted Payment Gateway Integration Service

Learn More About the Solution We Offer!

As you already know, Shopify platform do not offer direct option to process online payments through Cielo merchant facility. Now we have a solution to integrate Moroccan’s most favourite IPG to Shopify store via HPSDK (Hosted SDK) method.

We are happy to integrate Cielo Brazil payment gateways to your Shopify stores. Oganro is a Shopify development partner. We have extensive experience developing and integrating third party payment gateways to Shopify stores across the world. We use Hosted payment SDK option recommended by Shopify to integrate these payment gateways to individual Shopify stores.Click Here to learn more about our Shopify payment gateway integration services.





First customer complete their customer details, billing and shipping details on Shopify checkout page. And then they will be selecting their preferred payment gateway on Shopify checkout stage.




Once customer enter pay now button, customer will be redirecting to corresponding payment gateway provider’s secure payment page to complete their payment card details to make the payment.




Customer will be only entering their secure details such as card number, expiry details and CV2 number on secure payment page hosted by merchant provider. Hence, it is 100% secure transaction.




Once trnaction process on IPG Payment page, Customer will be redirecting bank to Shopify store together with payment status, i.e successful or Decline and update the order status accordingly.

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