Front End Features and Modules

Under this section we will be going through front end features and functionalities related to hotel booking engine. Front end features and functionalities  listed under this page is only to give an idea of developments we can carry out with in your hotel travel portal. Each of these modules can be customized according to your need. Furthermore, new custom features and functionaries can be developed and incorporated to your hotel travel portal based on your organisation unique commercial logic and business structure.

Hotel Booking System Front End Features and Functionaries


We will provide user friendly searching widget to search online hotel bookings. B2C customers who wants to do online hotel reservation can use our travel portal for search hotels by entering required searching parameters. (Destination, Check in date, check out date, number of nights, number of adults and number of children).

Hotel Search Widget Sample 1

Hotel Search Wdget Layout 1

Hotel Search Widget Sample 1

Hotel Search Wdget Layout 3

Hotel Search Widget Sample 3

Hotel Search Wdget Layout 3


Under availability results page, system will show the search result with all hotel list as a grid. The search results will show brief details of each hotel. Following mentioned functions and features will be included to availability results page.

Advance Hotel Filtering Options

System will provide options to filter the search results according to star rating, hotel name and price range along with sorting feature. Each of these filters included on all travel portal systems as a default feature.

Figure 22 : Star Rating Filtering Option


Figure 23: Hotel Name Filtering Option


Figure 24 : Price Range Filtering Option


Figure 25 : Price Sorting Option


Modify Hotel Search Option

The modify search panel will show the hotel search form pre-filled with user criteria. User can modify his/her search criteria and search again.

Multi Currency Feature

Our solution is ready and fully robust enough to have multiple currencies as per client preference. User will have option to select preferred currency and all hotel prices will display accordingly.

Multi Language Facility

Same as multi currency, our travel portal software solution is capable of handling multiple languages. Our solution is capable of handling RTL as well as LTR languages without an issue.


Hotel detail page will facilitate user to view more details, descriptions features, images, hotel map, room and price details of the selected hotel. This static data hotel section can be customised according to each client requirement. These data will be retrieve from each clients preferred supplier. But we can also provide facility to add your own hotel content to be more unique and to be better search engine friendly.

Hotel Cancellation Policy

System will facilitate user to check the hotel cancellation policy before proceeding with hotel booking.

Checkout - Guest or User

Users will have an option to continue hotel booking as a guest or can create an user account.

City Weather Info

System will offer user to see weather information of selected destination city with this feature.

Travel Date Reminders

System will send auto reminding mails to customers for remind their travel dates.

Single Signup Module

System will allow B2C customers to do hotel bookings (Java side bookings) and CMS package bookings by using the same account.

Google Map View

System will facilitate user to check selected hotel’s map with all other neighbouring hotel.

Apply Discount Codes

This functionality will allow admin user to generate discount codes through admin backend module and provide these auto generated codes to loyal customers according to necessity. And discount coupon code owners will allow do hotel bookings for discounted prices.

Auto Email Confirmations

Once client successfully completed the transaction/Booking, system automatically generates corresponding invoice and vouchers and email them to the client.

Cross Sell Travel Products

Before checkout or after checkout client can be presented with cross sell and up sell services. This includes services such as flights, transfers, car hire, excursions etc..