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Joomla website designersThe internet without doubt revolutionized our way of living on many fronts but the internet itself witnessed many revolutions, and the last installment of these revolutions is the emergence of content management systems.

Internet users of the 90s recall very well the primitive websites of this time that were completely built using simple HTML code. These websites were mainly composed of a handful number of plain pages, but recently all this lackluster web experience has come to an end thanks to the open source movement. The open source community contributed to the development of various application/systems that enable websites to perform several tasks that would be otherwise impossible to achieve without seeking the help of experts.

Joomla CMS

Joomla is basically a Content Management System (CMS). In a few words, a CMS’s function is to take care of all the types of content on a given website. The contents can range from the articles featured on the website to the pictures shown on the pages or to even the video clips or audio files present on the website. A CMS’s main role is to present all these types in a neat way to website visitors.
Of course, Joomla isn’t the only CMS around as there are other systems available like Drupal and WordPress of which some are free. But Joomla is considered to be among the best of class due to its robust performance and ease of use.

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Joomla Vs plain websites:

Let’s draw a comparison here between Joomla and the old method of building websites using the traditional HTML coding. Joomla differs in the way that it organizes content and offers unprecedented functionality that carries the premium quality seal of a large community that’s devoted to promoting only high performance products. The plain websites on the other hand don’t offer any value in this regard.

So, the process of installing a large system like Joomla that used to be a headache has become a breeze. Also, maintaining a Joomla powered website is a smooth operation.

Joomla Website Maintenance:

A website needs content frequently to fuel its growth especially at the infancy stage. Joomla makes it possible to add content and improve functionalities with a few clicks. It’s also equipped with contact forms that enable website visitors to send feedback/inquiries to webmasters. Additionally, it provides webmasters with the opportunity to monetize their websites by using advertisements which can be managed through the same software. Also, it enables users to edit files and templates and therefore users can enjoy full control over the appearance of their websites.

Learn Joomla:

Even though Joomla isn’t a primitive system, people can learn the ins and outs of it in short period of time. The starting point for many novice users is the Joomla online community. Joomla’s growth is supported by a thriving community that’s dedicated to spreading technical knowledge about this powerful system. Newbies should check online forums for educational materials like tutorials to gain invaluable knowledge about the subject matter.

Extra functions in Joomla:

Once again the flourishing Joomla community comes to save the day of many users around the world. This time Joomla developers spend their time in creating add-ons and modules that enhance Joomla experience for internet users. Forums and online communities are two examples of what these modules are capable of achieving. To sweeten the deal, this added functionality often comes at no cost at all except in certain cases where a nominal fee is applied.