Professional online custom gift design service for promotional products

Professional online custom gift design service for promotional products

Corporate Gift Design Service


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Whether you need free or professional online custom gift design service for promotional products, corporate gifts or souvenirs for your events held in schools, clubs, promotional and corporate events or require personalized gift designs for staff uniforms and team jerseys, we at Oganro Private Limited  – located in Sri Lanka – have made it possible for you to design your own tailored gifts such as custom clothing & apparel, accessories, kitchenware, stationery, entertainment devices, bed & bath items, home & office decor as well as occasional and seasonal items free of charge or professionally designed by us including the facility to print your customized gift designs via our production division.

Our Services

Free Online Custom Gift Designer

You are welcome to upload a photo or a logo you desire on the gift items we have on store and customize them without any cost. You are also able to save your custom design freely for future purpose. Our robust online personalized gift designer provides various options to choose from such as several angles of the products, colour picker, product selector, import image, add text and purchase the items. This is the ideal platform to get your gifts designed for your loved ones faster and as per your wish free of charge.

Professional Custom Gift Design Service

When it comes to giving gifts for corporate and school events, anniversaries, weddings or birthday parties; the gift has to be of a certain standard to be of real value for the receiver. That is where we come into play by offering our professional custom gift design service, where clients are able to handover their sample visuals or relay their ideas to our design team who will scrutinize the requirement and personalize the end gift to reflect exactly what you wished for. No more worries about getting ideas or implementing the design for your selected gift. We will provide an effective and efficient service at affordable prices.

Custom Gift Printing & Production

We offer custom gift printing and production service for clients who wish to outsource their gifting requirement to a professional company that delivers great service from design to delivery. Our digital gift printing service is second to none and guarantees a high quality look and feel of your chosen custom artwork on the gift items. It is not only the graphic design that matters when it comes to designing a gift item but also the quality of the printing or production as well. Whether you wish for a matte, gloss or metal finish for your end product; our custom gift printing and production division will get the needful done within the set budget and deadline.

What Product we Customize?

Custom Clothing & Apparel

You are able to select from a wide range of Round neck, V-neck, collared t-shirts, polo t-shirts, work-wear, jerseys, caps, hats, sportswear and school-wear clothing and apparel selection of ours for men, women and children to choose and design your personalized, printed and embroidered clothing & apparel. We use only the finest materials such as high end silk, cotton and fabrics to produce your tailor-made clothes.

Our designers are glad to help with your requirement to design and print functional and professional looking garments for staff uniforms, team jerseys and promotional clothing to make your organization and brand really standout.


Customize any accessories just the way you desire. Choose any of the accessories available in our vast collection and using our online custom design tool, start designing as per your imagination. You can type words, impose images and totally change the look and feel including the colour of the accessories according to your requirement.

We enable you to personalize accessories such as bags, jewellery, key chains, purses, wallets, compact mirrors, electronic devices, iPad Cases, iPhone Cases, iPod Touch Cases and Samsung Cases to name a few.  You will be pleased with your custom art done via our free online gift design tool.


Whether it is preparing a delicious meal or entertaining guests at a party, we provide a huge selection of kitchenware items to select from our inventory and personalize them the way you want thru our user-friendly online custom design tool. Our solution makes it the ideal platform for housewarming gifts that could be presented to your girlfriend, wife or host with personalized kitchenware and glassware for a memorable experience.

We enable you to customize Aprons, Beverage Accessories, Coasters, Cocktail Plates, Mugs & Drinkware, Placemats, Serving Trays, Tablecloths, Thermos Products and Water Bottles to name some. Start designing your gift with our online custom gift design tool for your loved ones who like to cook and host events.

Bed & Bath

Bed and Bath items are considered to be few of the essential facets that make life comfy and sanitary. Since these items are more personal, it is only right if they can be customized according to the varying tastes and preferences of people. That is where our online custom design tool comes into play by facilitating users to fully personalize preferred bed and bath items as per their diverse wishes.

Tailor your bed and bath items from the texture, fabric, colour and graphics in the manner you yearn. Personalize items such as Bedding, Blankets, Pillow Cases and Shower Curtains quickly and without any hassle with the assistance of our powerful gift designing solutions and services.

Home & Office Décor

Add a professional touch to your entire office and home décor with customized designs. Choose from personalized Duvets, Aprons, Picture Frames, Calendars, Clocks, Curtains, Key Hangers, Magnets, Mousepads, Pillows, Rugs and Wall Arts etc that you can customize with monograms, photos or words. We make it easier to obtain precisely what you are seeking for.

Style the place the way you want with our custom gift design services. Our solution helps you to totally revamp or add a few finishing touches to your office and home areas. It is always a joy to work from a personalized office station or live in a home with décor that makes you to recollect memorable experiences.


We undertake the personalization of your stationery from classic to modern, funky and professional tastes and styles. Right from the quality of the materials to the artwork on them, we can assist you to customize stationery such as Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Journals, Labels, Note Cards, Photos and Stickers as per your requisite.

Style any type of stationery with delightful designs utilizing our powerful free online custom gift design tool or our professional design and printing service. You can use the tailor-made stationery for your own usage or gift it to others, the choice is yours.

Seasonal & Occasional

With our free and professional custom gift design solutions and services you can design Balloons, Banners, Ornaments, Stockings and Yard Signs as per various occasions. Whether it is Christmas, birthday, wedding, exhibition, graduation or political event; clients are able to get their items personalized as and when they want with much ease.

We assist clients hosting special events and seasonal occasions to customize their requirements in the most professional manner that suits the numerous occasions. Our design and printing solutions and services are very useful for those looking to get their seasonal and occasional things tailored on demand without any issues.