Keyword Research

Market analysis and keyword research is one of the most important and integral part of SEO. We always make sure to identify best and most lucrative and keyword set to start your SEO campaign to match your specific market niche.

Keyword Research and Market Analysis

keyword-analysisSearch engine optimization begins with research. Besides the product or service you offer, you must consider the demand. You must also consider whether those demanding your service or product may be searching for you online.

Research begins by finding out which keywords are being searched for in your locality and how often. Let’s assume, hundred residents of Plymouth query “Plymouth Florist” each month. You are planning to hire an organic SEO company to target those specific keywords. you may harvest dozens of clients. What’s more, you’ve targeted the very people looking for flowers in your neighborhood. But take a slight deviation from the popular keywords (for example, “UK Florist” or “Plymouth shop”) and your outreach has become to broad.

Research also brings you up to speed with your competition. Let’s say, ten thousand people search for “Los Angeles Photographer” each month. And you’re an amateur photographer, looking to go pro. you have chosen to fight with strong competition and your SEO investment will cost much and yield little. You’d probably be better off competing in a different race, or choosing a smaller location, or focusing on a more specific niche (such as “Los Angeles Senior Portrait Photographer”).

Our main idea is to saves you time money. With our years of expert online market analyzing experience we will guaranteed to reach this objective. Our in-depth market and keyword research will help you to identify lucrative and high quality keywords. By having these low competition but high quality keywords will help to have achieve higher return on SEO investment quickly.