Link Building

The objective is “not to make link appear natural” , Objective is that your “links are natural”.

Building Natural Back Link Profile and Content Marketing

link building and content marketing

Back-links are links from other sites to yours, as well as your own site to itself. They’re considered a major determining factor in website ranking. The term ‘link juice’ was coined for this very purpose. If one site has more back links than another, or if its back links are more authoritative than another, we say it has better ‘link juice’.

Organic SEO Value of a Back Link

Back-links vary in strength, just like letters of recommendation draw their credibility from their authors. If a major site such as the New York Times or Wikipedia links to yours, Google’s crawlers reckon it validates your site’s importance. In comparison, if a new and unpopular site links to yours, you receive marginal credibility.

Another factor in drawing credibility from back-links is their relevance. If a site that focuses on the same topic as yours links to yours, you receive more credit than a back-link from an unrelated site. This further validates the need to use niche-specific social networks, as mentioned in the seventh commandment.

SEO Relevance of an Anchor Text in a Link

The value of links also depends on their ‘anchor text’. Anchor text is what phrase links to your site. For example, the following hyperlink Organic SEO company links to the Organic SEO Bros homepage. Organic SEO Company is the anchor text. It appears instead of the url. Google crawls through our site, bumps into this link and sees that we send readers to our homepage via the phrase “Organic SEO Company”. It learns that our domain is a site about an organic SEO company, and consequently, our site gains more rank for that specific key phrase.

Just as relevant anchor text strengthens the value of a link, irrelevant anchor text weakens it. There are several illegal ways of artificially creating back-links, which the Organic SEO Bros do not recommend. Experience shows that slower but surer link building is the safest course to pursue.

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