Building Local Citations and Listing

Create local business listings of a website is an another term for citation building. We conduct detail analysis to find best combination of general listing sites and niche citations sites for your site.

Create Local Business Citations and Listings for a Local Business Web Site


In pre-Internet times, you would index your business on the Yellow Pages. There are many such lists online, referred to as indexes. Indexes are online libraries. They list your site just as Yellow Pages used to do, sometimes at a cost and sometimes for free. Many listings are topic related, such as ‘photographers’, ‘gardeners’, ‘restaurants’, etc.

Google has its own Google Places listing. That’s why, when you search for “pharmacy”, Google pulls up a map with red markers on it. These are all pharmacies that have been listed on Google places. Google knows where you are browsing from and offers you those nearest and most relevant to your query. Yahoo has its local listings, as does Bing, Yelp and Yellow Pages.

Besides making your site known to browsers, these listings also provide a valuable back link that helps your ranking (more on back links in the 8th Commandment). Local search results are an entire SEO category within organic search engine optimization. If you own a local business, make sure to subscribe to our blog and stay current with the latest nuances in the local organic SEO field.

An Organic SEO company knows how and where to index your site so that it draw a wider audience of visitors.