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Many people think a computer slows down due to its installed Software but do not realise its Hardware could be to blame too. A Hard Drive that is more than four years old for example will naturally suffer from wear/tear

Ask yourself: “How old is my computer?” and “When did I last have it serviced?” With hardware so cheap these days can you afford to lose your priceless data for the sake of not having your computer serviced or not having enough memory?

Our computer service and repair technicians offer personalized services at fair rates. They provide expert computer diagnostics and repair to fix computer problems and prevent recurrences.

Software Installation

Technology is constantly changing. Access to knowledgeable, helpful and responsive support is essential for any business. Are you really taking advantage of what our I.T. infrastructure can and should be offering you? We offer variety of IT support packages to meet your business needs, we provide IT support for Residential and Business customers. We also offer IT consultation to enable us discuss your IT requirement.

OS/format and recommended software installation

If you have an older PC the chances are that you’re missing out on the latest features of a new operating system. We’ll check to see if your computer could benefit from a new operating system and then install and configure it for you. If however you already have the most up-to-date OS that your machine can handle (i.e. limited by your CPU and memory). Then this service will Format and re-install a fresh version of your OS.

Hardware installation & Hardware Maintenance

We provide the following hardware maintenance services

  • Troubleshooting for desktop computers. For example if it doesn’t start up at all, noisy, etc.
  • Installation of new hardware – any type. This also includes memory upgrades
  • Replacing of old hardware – if replacement parts are still available
  • Consultation on hardware related investments, helping to find the right hardware.
  • Data recovery from failing hard drives – if the hard drive is not mechanically damaged and it is accessible.
  • Troubleshooting connection problems with external devices such as printers, digital cameras, etc

Hardware Repairing

Hardware Repair Services is part of Oganro’s Customer Relations. Some of the most common desktop and laptop computer hardware repairs involve memory, main board, hard drive, power supply, monitor, laptop power jack and more.

We come to you for your convenience. We strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations by providing the ultimate customer service experience. Call now!

Looking for a more long term service? The Oganro’s Customer Relations can tailor a support contract for businesses to cover all required aspects of the company’s PC support.

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