Hotel Runner Channel Manager XML API Integration Service


Hotel Runner Channel Manager XML API Integration Service

An Overview on Hotel Runner

HotelRunner is a robust channel management platform that features a range of other services as well. Through streamlined, tailored solutions and a cloud-based system, it improves the online grasp of entities in the hospitality industry. Those transitioning from an offline to online presence can also benefit from their services. Their cutting-edge technology plays a key role in this.
Under the leadership of founders Arden Agopyan and Ali Beklen, HotelRunner helps boost global brand awareness and profits. Additionally, it paves the way for new sales channels and increased customer attraction. They are currently partnered with 30,026 hotels, are present in 193 countries and 11,290 cities.

What Makes Them Special?

HotelRunner Channel Management Platform
Hotel Runner is a leader in channel management for many reasons. These include the automated distribution of inventory, maximization of direct channel incomes and increased profits. However, it is not just an option for driving sales. Industry professionals can also conduct management and digital marketing activities too. As Hotel Runner brings together all travel providers under one roof, marketing and visibility is wide and sharp too.

Most Flexible Channel Manager

Clients can hope to bump up their occupancy rates whilst increasing revenues. By revising all channels at the same time, you can better manage your sales with the two-way channel manager. Successfully do away with the risk of overbooking while scouting out new opportunities as well. The secure XML connection allows you to connect through a single control point saving time. Their central inventory also enables the achievement of rate parity. Browse through combined reports for a better insight into your business including better management and pricing. Their channel management services come with the utmost flexibility.

Certification and Recognition

As’s chosen IT provider and a Google Hotel Ads Partner, HotelRunner satisfies very high standards. Furthermore, they are quite dedicated to certification and recognition from industry pioneers. This helps them challenge themselves and compete strongly.

With a list of booking channels that continues to grow everyday, HotelRunner is accumulating a strong database of clients. In turn, this means they receive exposure to various requirements and client necessities.