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Jumbo Tours API Integration and Travel Portal Developments

jumbo-tours XML Development

Just as its name suggests, Jumbo Tours truly is a behemoth in every sense of the word and is a part of the Alpitour Group, Italy. They are one of the foremost providers of inbound travel services globally, assisting a plethora of tour operators and travel agencies in the process. With over 4 decades of experience under their belt, they have a strong and unbeatable knowledge on the destinations they represent. The combination of highly qualified, trained and experienced staff together with state-of-the-art technology ensures impeccable customer service. So much so, they bring in over 2,000,000 client annually from various companies in the industry.

Jumbo Tours consists of a hotel chain, an airline and over 1,000 travel agencies. With an annual turnover of 1.2 million Euros, it is not too hard to imagine the level of business they handle. They also have a wide global presence, with offices in Italy, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Cape Verde, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Spain offering them a wide coverage. Furthermore, 400 multi-lingual professionals are available throughout the company to assist customers on a range of queries. In short, they have 25 offices across 10 countries in 3 continents.

HotelsPro API at a Glance

Hotel Product specialist
Also offer transfers
Also offer Excursions
Meet and greet services
Over 40 years of experience
Cover over 50 destinations
Net rate products

Bespoke travel services

Aside from this, they are particularly focused on bespoke travel services and cater to transfers, excursions, back office management and language assistance to name a few. This allows them to connect personally with each of their customers, thereby promoting retention.

Jumbo Beds Online Hotel Reservation System

Their online reservation system Jumbobeds, is especially useful for various travel-related services including hotel booking and tour management. As they liaise directly with suppliers, communication is easy and problems simplified. Additionally, their commitment to the consistent development of more efficient tools make them quite a lucrative option.