Rate Tiger XML API Integration Service


Rate Tiger Channel Manager XML API Integration Service

An Overview on Rate Tiger

Under the guidance of its Founder Andrew Morsi, eRevMax began in 2001 to serve the hospitality and travel industries. The company uses a range of tools to do so, including updated technology and sharp market intelligence.

It also focuses on efficient revenue and distribution management to produce results not only for itself, but its clients too. Over the years, eRevMax has opened up Research & Development centres covering USA, UK and India. Furthermore, they have distributed representatives in areas such as Italy, Slovakia, South Africa, Mexico and Canada to name a few.

Rate Tiger is eRevMax’s superior channel management product, and a connectivity point for real-time services. Other products on offer include RTConnect and LIVE OS.

Why Rate Tiger?

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By signing up with Rate Tiger, clients can enjoy many benefits such as hands-on rates and inventory management. They also provide an integrated management dashboard, channel management, rate & review comparison, 2-way XML connectivity and in-depth analytics. Additionally, clients are able to not only adjust room availability and restrictions as they please, they can look over progress too.

Since the channel manager dashboard is simple and easy to use, you are able to improve revenues efficiently. Best of all, this is all done through the use of a single interface so there is minimal hassle. Clients can therefore take full control of the system, with the end goal of driving direct bookings. Tracking individual channel performance along with output are also plus points. One can get around over-bookings too, by shutting off and opening up availability across all connected websites in one go.

At a Glance

Since its establishment in 2001, eRevMax has gathered a network of 9,000+ hotels spread across over 100 countries. They also cover 2,000+ cities around the globe and bear the ISO 27001 certification.

Add-ons to Make Use Of

  • Rate Tiger has on offer a range of add-ons for a smoother customer experience. These include:
  • Allocation Management: Allows you to improve the yield of every hotel room through the automation of inventory distribution.
  • Allocation Alert: Receive notifications on allocation information.
    Reservation Delivery: Obtain reservation details from the channel straight to your PMS.
  • Reservation Report: Organise all reservation data into one record for convenience.
  • GDS Distribution: Reach out to over 500,000 travel agents around the globe.
  • Metasearch Distribution: Access to metasearch channels for increased direct bookings.
  • Social Media Distribution: Link your social media sites.
    Teams Plug-in: Strengthen cash flow and collections, allowing you to reduce risks and improve business efficiency.
  • If clients are unfamiliar with the system or are first-timers, there is a free trial period and demo for familiarization. Additionally, as they serve the entire industry, they have a wide coverage. This includes online travel agents, hotel websites, Global Distribution Systems and wholesalers.