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Sabre Travel Technologies (Semi Automated Business Research Environment), is a pioneer in airline automation, having paved the way for reservation automation systems in the future. Following a chance meeting in 1953 between two of business’ most prolific individuals, one from IBM the other American Airlines, after five years of deliberations, Sabre was born in 1964. This effectively put an end to in-person reservations that were being used up until this point. Today, Sabre is one of the world’s most prominent software companies.

Over the years, they have expanded into a technological ecosystem, one that has its heart in the travel industry worth almost US $8 trillion, facilitating a range of services globally in the process. To be exact, Sabre deals in excess of US$120 billion of travel expenditure annually, which is not all that surprising considering Sabre technology is sought after by over one billion people every year for their travel needs.

With its headquarters in Southlake, Texas, USA, Sabre uses cutting-edge technology which is developed across four continents. The company helms three businesses: Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and Sabre Travel Network.

Sabre API at a Glance

Over 400 Airlines
Over 175,000 hotels
The world’s largest provider of airline and hotel technology
Caters to around 425,000 travel agents globally
Pioneer of reservation automation systems
Operates Sabre Airline Solutions
Also as Sabre Hospitality Solutions
Also as Sabre Travel Network


Sabre specializes in technology and data-driven solutions targeted towards airline, hotel and travel agency customers so as to enhance their travel experiences.

The Sabre Airline Solutions® business consists of a wide array of software and data solutions which helps airlines market themselves, sell products, serve customers and operate more efficiently overall, including airline reservations systems, a complete collection of marketing and commercial planning software and enterprise operations solutions. It assists around 225 airlines including network carriers, hybrids and low-cost carriers.

Under Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Sabre handles distribution, operations and marketing solutions for the hotel industry. This service is used by over 32,000 properties worldwide.

Sabre Travel Network is their Global B2B travel marketplace, which primarily consists of their global distribution system (GDS) and a broad set of solutions that integrate with the GDS.


The world’s largest provider of airline and hotel technology
Over 175,000 hotels
The world’s largest provider of airline and hotel technology
Named on the Information Week 500 list among Most Innovative Technology Companies for 11 consecutive years
Sabre named seventh on InformationWeek’s list of the ‘Greatest Software Ever Written.’
Offers the travel industry’s broadest range of technological solutions
Pioneer of reservation automation systems