Travel Boutique Online XML API Integration and Travel Portal Developments


TBO-Travel Boutique Online Currently India’s Leading B2B Travel Portal with XML API Connectivity

With over 25,000 travel agents as customers and present in over 300 cities across India and the Middle-East, Travel Boutique Online is currently India’s leading B2B travel portal. Travel Boutique Online or TBO, is linked to a number of partners who are able to choose from many different travel services. This allows TBO to offer their customers some of the most competitive packages in terms of both pricing and inventory.

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The platform caters to both travel agents and tour operators, who are generally always on the lookout for bigger and better deals. TBO is a highly functional platform for them to do this, as they can compare a variety of flight deals, hotel offers and transfers, as well as consider their options with travel insurance. Furthermore, they also have reporting modules which are highly detailed, allowing customers to effectively manage their financial transactions.

Most adaptable and flexible travel product wholesaler

Aside from this, they have online packages that are both flexible and adaptable based on individual needs. Hence, customers need not conform to a one-size-fits-all approach. Their services are further enhanced with the presence of travel mobile apps which are incredibly beneficial for even the most discerning of travellers. Moreover, they feature both leading low-cost carrier airlines and full service domestic carriers covering a range of flight necessities. Best of all, you can now access TBO from anywhere in the world through your mobile.

Reasons why Travel Boutique Online (TBO) is Most Competent in Travel Industry Sector?

With over 150+ API customers across the globe, IRCTC integration, 45 offices across India and 24/7 customer support, there are plenty of reasons as to why TBO is one of the most competent companies of its kind in the industry. A combination of the latest technology and a highly user friendly system further solidifies their standing as a business. With 180,000+ hotel room nights sold annually, it has proven to be an invaluable source for hoteliers and travel agents worldwide.

TBO API at a Glance

White label solutions
Net rate products
Commissionable products
over 30 Suppliers in one API
24/7 customer & Tech Support
B2B Travel Portal Specialist
Online rail ticket booking (IRCTC)
Direct hotel contract management facility
Promote your own inventory on TBO
Sell tours & travel packagers
Offer Flights
Hotel XML API with over 200K Hotels
India’s leading LCC & domestic carriers
All services through single API
Offer sightseeing
Provide transfer facilities