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TravelFusion API Integration and Travel Portal Developments

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Travel Fusion is an integral cog in the global travel machine as the world’s leading Direct Connect distribution and payment platform. It facilitates the connection between travel suppliers and Online Travel Agencies, as well as Travel Search and other mobile services to name a few. Through the IATA NDC distribution programme, Travel Fusion is able to assist airlines through expedited selling and enhanced content sharing amongst agents and users. They also have an expansive database of hotels on offer for suppliers who need it.

With its headquarters in London, UK, Travel Fusion branched off into Shanghai, China. The company was established in the year 2000, having realised the potential profound impact of the Internet in the travel industry. Recognising a momentous change in travel distribution, Travel Fusion initiated a low-cost movement known as the ‘Direct Connect’ distribution. With it, suppliers would not have to interact with intermediaries to obtain the relevant information.

Today, Travel Fusion features over 200 low-cost carriers, full service carriers and rail operators as well. Furthermore, the company has been built in such a way that it will be able to easily adapt to impending changes within the industry. Given the exponential rate of growth in technology, these changes are to be expected quite frequently. Quite simply, they work on the ethos of convenience and feasibility. Their aim is to provide the most targeted and effective travel distribution services as well as the most comprehensive methods of payment.

The company invests in consistently upgrading and developing its content offerings to remain ahead of the pack. They also place a great deal of importance to enhancing their technological systems including their main and patented framework, Direct Connect XML API. Users can look forward to dependable, 24/7 services from their London-based offices.

TravelFusion API at a Glance

Over 240+ low cost & scheduled airlines
More than 700,000 hotel properties worldwide
Connected to Europe’s + North America’s Leading Rail Operators
Flexibple & Comprehensive Payment Settlement plans
24/7 Customer Service
Worldwide Operation
Biggest aggregator to date
Connected to multiple travel suppliers & meta-search engines