Travelport Universal API Integration and Travel Portal Developments


Travelport Universal API is a Single API with Multiple GDS Providers and Multiple Services

Galileo, Worldspan Booking Systems with Travelport UAPI

Located in Langley, Berkshire, Travelport is a significant contributor towards the booming, trillion-dollar global travel industry. Not long ago, it even wrapped up its first public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Travelport, in fact, facilitates the work of providers, agencies and other shareholders within this field, whether they are searching, sharing, buying or selling travel. This allows every customer in their B2B travel network to maximize their profits, whilst ensuring commercial success for themselves.

Travelport Universal API Logo
Travelport is a stage of sorts, where airlines, hotels, cars and other brands/ products are displayed and shared with developers and buyers. This allows those who are interested in purchasing travel services, to browse through a wide range of suppliers at any given time, in one place. Aside from representing leisure and mixed travel companies, travel management companies, online travel agencies and corporations, they also have partner opportunities which are instrumental in developing and improving the necessary tools and business strategies for sculpting the travel trade. Travelport Labs is a specific example of this.

Travelport Universal API at a Glance

Over 400 airline partners
Connect and access to your inventory
Low-cost carriers
Connect to over 650K hotel properties
Provide services to over 180 countries
Car rental and hire connections
Rail providers with train tickets
Cruise bookings + distribution solutions
Worldwide tours and travel packages
Net rate products throughout
Cover destinations worldwide

Wholesale Travel Supplier With Wide spectrum of the market range and massive product inventory

As a customer, you are assured of the most competitive prices for some of the most enjoyable holiday packages, including discounts on accommodation, entertainment and airfares to name a few. Browse through an enviable collection of offers which have been created hand-in-hand with their chosen partners, whom they have cemented a long-standing relationship with. Indeed, they feature around 650,000 hotels worldwide, along with 10,000 activities and 2,000 enthralling destinations. Needless to say, this allows them to deliver unique experiences with minimum hassle.

One API with Right Product and Services with Extensive Support

Catering to both the business and leisure arms of the worldwide travel industry, Travelport has a considerable presence, with operations in every continent from Africa to Asia, Central America and Caribbean, Europe, MiddleEast, North America, Pacific, South America and South Asia, backed by over 3,700 employees. Their product development facilities in particular, are vital for the distinct travel technology solutions that are sought after. Whatever it is you are looking for, you are sure to find the right product, service and ample support to achieve your end purpose.