Travel Portal Value Added Features and Functionalities

Below we have listed OTA Booking Engine Features we offer to our clients. All of these modules and functionalities are really focus on customer experience. Subsequently these modules will take great a role on increasing booking conversions.

Value Added Travel Portal Features We Offer

Multilanguage Facility

Our solution is ready and fully robust enough to have multiple currencies as per client preference. User will have option to select preferred currency and all hotel prices will display accordingly.

Multicurrency Facility

Same as multi currency, our travel portal software solution is capable of handling multiple languages. Our solution is capable of handling RTL as well as LTR languages without an issue.

Dynamic Packages

We have in-depth experience of developing dynamic travel package portal solutions. Having this facility provide travellers to create and book their dream holidays, with various travel products.

Cross Sell and Up Sell

Most profitable travel portal sites always offer clients value added services get maximum ROI. We are expert on these types of travel portals with cross sell and up sale features.

Add Static Packagers

Static Packagers is an Option to load Stand Alone as well as Add On Packages to the travel portal. we can provide CMS section to manage all your Static Packagers.

SEO Optimised Static Pages

As a software development company we understand value of SEO. Therefore we always make sure your static and dynamic pages have optimised onsite factors.

Mid office System Administration Features

Branch Management

This features is really useful when having multiple OTA branches. Supper admin can create unlimited branches with separate logins

Manage User Roles and Rights

Supper admin can create unlimited internal user accounts with unique and separate roles and rights. I.e Sales staff, Accounts staff, Managers etc.

Branch Wise IPG

Branch wise separate internet payment gateways with multiple currencies is a great way to manage internationally located branch cash independently.

Fraud Control and Management

Option to block fraudulent cards and manage manage fraudulent bookings through third party software.• Also can restrict certain IP’s.

Supplier Management

In the event of multiple supplier travel booking engines, our platform is flexible enough to assign different markets with different Suppliers.

Airline Management

In the event of multiple GDS or suppliers used, using this feature admin can will have flexibility to associate different Airline with different Supplier.

Affiliate Marketing Management

Under affiliate marketing we can create a search widgets or banner adverts with tracking facility. Admin and affiliates can run commission reports.

Service Fee Management

Admin can create unique service chargers and manage them accordingly. Service charge types include credit card fees and booking fees etc…

Supplier Commission

Manage supplier commission independently. each supplier and services will have separate modules with advance features and functionalities.

White Label Management

Under white label websites management admin can create unlimited white label accounts. Also have can run commission reports per white label site.

Create Discount Coupons

Create various types of discount coupons including fixed discount and percentage discount values. These coupons can be used on checkout or signup levels.

Sales Staff Commissions

Apply and Manage sales and call center staff commissions. Create various levels of commission goals. Run periodic sales staff performance and commission reports.

Other Real Value Modules and Features

Bed Bank Module

Cloud based bed bank module can be incorporated to manage your own hotel contracts and special offers.These rates and liabilities will display alongside with other suppliers

Mobile Application

Semi native mobile application can be develop to work along side with your B2C travel booking engine. Mobile application is available for Both android and IOS platforms.

SMS Gateway, CRM and ERP

Our solution is fully flexible and robust enough to integrate and work with third party software solutions. I.e. SMS gateways ERP Systems, CRM Solutions and Accounting Software Packagers.