Abreu Online Hotel Supplier


Abreu Online Hotel Supplier

abreuWith more than 170 years of experience and millions of happy customers, Abreu Online – initiated in 1840 and part of Abreu Travel Group – caters to over 85,000 hotels and land arrangements globally, which includes luxury boutique hotels, premier international chains and small independent properties in 120 countries and over 4900 locations. They are also partnered with over 8,500 tour operators and travel agencies throughout the world. This hotel supplier’s aim is to offer a differentiated and exclusive service to B2B clients through their solution; which provides a Host-2-Host XML connectivity, white labeling and a reservations system that is user-friendly and flexible for travel agencies. Also their password protected website allows B2B partners to reserve and monitor their clients’ bookings.

This travel supplier is dedicated to providing the most competitive prices to its customers by continuously reviewing the rates through the assistance of a division set-up solely for this purpose, thus empowering Abreu to stay ahead of the competition by differentiating themselves with a range of quality products at best rates. As a leading travel wholesaler, Abreu comprises a vast range of accommodation which comprises upscale resorts, large international hotel chains and small independent apartments, catering to various types of clientele. Further to this, Abreu handles other travel related services throughout their entire destinations such as regular sightseeing, private transfers, rent-a-car service and theatre tickets to name a few.

EAN’s extranet enables hotel partners to handle their inventory and update their products in an effective and efficient manner. Also EAN’s website allows their b2b partners to book and monitor their customers’ reservations with their password protected website. Equipped with a call centre staffed with professionals and extended opening hours, this travel supplier ensures that its clients are able to run their day to day operations without any setback. Listening to their clients’ and suppliers’ feedback and taking necessary steps to improve themselves, has been one of EAN’s strong facet. The organization takes pride in the fact that they have inculcated an innovative spirit and constantly invests on the development of their technology as well as employees.

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