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Hurlingham, a prestigious name when it comes to all the things that make up the wondrous sport of polo, its players, horses and community strives to connect those of us who are passionate about this means of play and past time with all the latest events in relation as they happen. From international tournaments to state-of-the-art resorts which specialize in exclusively catering to this sport, Hurlingham is all about polo, polo and for a change – even more polo!

With a wealth of content present in this sporting guide’s arsenal, it made sense to develop the ideal CMS that isn’t just efficient in retrieving information upon the use of a user-friendly platform but is also proportionately fast in due course of initializing by means of a swift and steady DNS lookup (Domain Name System, where the URL domain of any website is converted to its unique IP address for loading it). Henceforth, PHP has been given great importance for , and the results have been delightfully desirable. While all forms of information have been rightfully laid out in banners that contain text which is comfortable enough for the human eye to follow and optimized images that compliment this cause, Hurlingham’s sponsorships have a wide array of advertisements that are promptly placed along the right-hand corner of the website with the aid of specialized GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), unlike other conventional modes of image stabilization to sustain enhanced pictures that are captivatingly animated for ultimate viewing pleasure.

For these polo-oriented range of portfolios, social media isn’t the only method that Hurlingham has been made to utilize for generating more users into their website; apart from the usual social media plug-ins, mutual connections via affiliate partnerships that sponsor the enterprise, (photographers, for example) end up transferring their own list of clientele in return.
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