PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress Conversion


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PSD to WordPress Conversion Services

PSD refers to design files not compatible with your browser and which need to be converted to WordPress files in order to ensure they are browser friendly. You need PSD to WordPress conversion services in order to accomplish this end. While the conversion process might seem easy, it is rather complicated and the skill of an excellent developer is required. Oganro is the leader provider of quality PSD to WordPress conversion services. All the projects we get are handled in a flawless and seamless manner. We convert your pictures, images and any other files to a theme that is WordPress compatible.

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What we do

We have a team of experts. Who are well versed with the conversion process and they take a couple of steps before arriving at the desired outcome. Once you hand over the conversion process to our team. Following methodology will be followed in order to ensure that the service is completed to perfection.

  • We will analyze the PSD file minutely and afterwards, divide it to HTML.
  • The PSD file will be sliced and its structure defined.
  • The PSD will then be converted into the desired WordPress theme.
  • For the purpose of ensuring that the theme is capable of working appropriately on different browsers, we will test it then launch the final deployment.

Features we incorporate

For the purpose of ensuring that the PSD to WordPress conversion services are completed in an efficient manner. Following are some of the measure we take.

  • We ensure that the theme is W3C compliant
  • The customization level used is of the highest degree possible
  • We ensure that the project is completed in a timely fashion.
  • We give you a unique theme that is custom developed in order to ensure it meets the needs of your business.
  • Technical prompt support which ensures that any problems that arise during post deployment are addressed.

Get in touch with us to get cost effective PSD to WordPress conversion services that are delivered in a timely manner and which are cost effective.