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Companies sell billions of dollars worth of products on-line, thanks to on-line e-commerce technology. Plastic money opened the door to enabling commercial transactions without the interchange of physical currency. This also paved the way for eCommerce website developers over the web using electronic transactions, which is popularly known as e-commerce. Financial transactions over the web [...]

How to Target an Audience for Your eCommerce Business in London

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Gone are days when introducing a product on-line was thrilling and rousing for people in London, now customers have a wide assortment of products as well as service designed to grab their attention. Internet is undeniably a flourishing industry and continues to pioneer new ways of driving attention to its platform. With countless internet users […]

Setting Up Ecommerce Websites

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Setting Up E-commerce Websites Can Make Sri Lanka Business Pace Up Their Growth In 2002, a survey conducted by Sri Lanka Business Development Centre (SLBDC) on ‘E-commerce Implementation In The SME Sector of Sri Lanka’. The survey findings indicated that the penetration level of eCommerce web development in Sri Lanka is very poor when compared to […]