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Software Developers & Application Developers

In this day and age when cloud storage and computing is becoming widespread, you need to think about database development and web application development from the web perspective. The biggest advantage of storing your database on the web is worldwide accessibility. You can be in any corner of the globe and still access your database by hooking onto the Internet. If you run a multi-national company, storing data in one central location would also make it available to branch offices located in other countries or continents.

Database driven web applications present their own challenges, and competent developers are required to handle these applications. Here is a brief set of criteria that you can use to choose good database development and web application development companies to handle your requirements.


Database development process
Database development process

Look for a company that can spontaneously furnish a list of clients that they have completed projects for. If they could provide contact information of their clients, that would be even better. Testimonials from past clients would also be very useful. Since their web applications would be on-line and accessible to everyone in most cases, you can view their prior projects and judge their competency in developing database applications on the web.

In order to be sure that the client websites that your developer shows you are really owned by the clients, do a “whois” search on-line of the domain names. The search will show the name and contact information of the persons who actually own the site.


The clock on the web ticks much faster. In other words, technology on the web is moving at a rapid pace, but unfortunately, some developers stagnate and rely on outdated technology to develop their applications. Still worse, they recommend these to their clients too. You need to be sure that the tools and platforms that they use are current, industry-standard technologies.


Can the developer offer you features and suggestions that you have not even thought of? An experienced developer would be able to offer such suggestions based on their experience in dealing with similar applications. This would be an indication that they are well-versed in their field.


If your applications need to serve a very specific niche market, then it would be wise to hire a company that already has experience in serving that market. However, if your clientèle is more general in nature, then this would not be a major issue.


Finally, make sure that you make a written agreement with the developer about the nature of work, cost, time frames, and any other aspect that you can think of. Having a written agreement is extremely important for any kind of project. It will safeguard you from a number of issues if something were to go wrong.

These are some of the points that you need to keep in mind before choosing database development & web application development companies. If you are planning to develop a software application or a web application feel free to get in touch with Oganro Software Development Experts to get a free advice.