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What Organisations Can Really Get the Best Out Of ERP & CRM Systems?

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What really is going wrong with the inner workings of your business? Do you have literally no clue what the quantity and quality of the contents of your inventory are and it seems next to impossible to begin to find out? Maybe you can no longer match the constant increase in the magnitude of the orders that you are receiving; therefore, you are leaving your clients disappointed or possibly you have realized that you are slowly starting to base your sales forecasts speculation rather than actual deduced calculations. If you think that any of the above points even somewhat closely represents your business and the state that it is in then now is most definitely the most suitable time to think about applying a Bespoke ERP system.

It is a well-known, indisputable fact that no two businesses are the same, and there are even ERP systems for small business. Nevertheless, the innumerable amount of business that would undoubtedly greatly benefit from adopting ERP software most certainly almost always suffer from similar difficulties and infuriating circumstances.

It Is a Literal Nightmare to Try and Access Your Business’s Data

If your business is like so many others then you probably still depend on spreadsheets that regularly and repetitively need to be manually updated by you the user. Your offices probably also still consist of multiple custom build software systems that are virtually unable to effectively operate and cooperate with the other systems in the area, creating what is known as a silo effect. If these features characterize your business then you most likely have an exceedingly difficult time whenever you try to access specific data and performance metrics for your business.

The world that we live in is speeding up exceptionally every day. Data is moving much faster that it was just a couple of year prior, and the rapid evolution of technology is waiting for no one. The same can be said about the same can be said about the speed at which business are evolving, and if you fail to adopt the new techniques and technologies of this day and age then you will most definitely be left in the dust.

By utilizing manufacturing ERP systems you can have, readily available, any and everything that you wish to know about your business and the actions and tasks that it undertakes. Members of your staff will also be able to optimally perform their jobs since they will have an assortment of data right at their fingertips; such as a specific client’s account history.

Software to Task Ratio is too great

You have an assortment of employees who perform various tasks that are allotted to them, this is an irrefutable fact. However, think closely about these tasks that they are performing for the company, most times no one employee only uses just one type of software to do his/her job. An accountant may most likely use multiple programs to get their job done effectively and efficiently and then your employees who deal with stock taking and warehouse activities will use something different altogether.

Having an ERP system and project management software ensures that all of these separate systems that your various employees are using are all being fed from the same solitary database. Since all of the separate systems are now taking from the same source, they will then accurately update with each other at the same time. This eliminates the need to make cross system checks and manual updates that are time consuming and taxing for employees.

Customer Satisfaction and Sales Are Suffering

For any growing company, one of the largest most consistent challenges that they will always face is the efficient management of their inventory. Knowing just how much of a specific product is where you need it to be at a specific time is a blessing for efficient enterprise resource planning. If your business handles the management of its inventory, specific customer information and its overall and individual sales disjointedly then issues will most likely arise. If you have a difficult time tracking specific inbound or outbound shipments or are constantly running out of specific products or materials, then the status and standing of your business and customer relationship management will undoubtedly suffer.

An ERP system can fully rectify this since all members of staff will have immediate up to date first-hand access to the same data that everyone has. This means that viewing things like the status of inbound or outbound cargo will be much easier and finding out the status of payments and your inventory management systems will be much more efficient.

The Accounting Ability of Your Business is Weakening

One of the first divisions of any company to be hit by the detriment of not having a reliable ERP system is your accounting department. This is even more evident if you accounting department has to constantly sift through paper order sheets and invoices just to collect the data that they will, then spend countless hour manually inputting into your various accounting software, and they cross-posting it on various systems.

When compared to the speed at which an ERP system and can complete these tasks the time taken do such menial chores manually can only be seen as valuable time wasted.

IT Management is Overly Complex

The most prominent problem that having numerous process flow management systems can cause is that when the time comes to service or modify them it is literally dreadful and it takes away essential time and effort that could be used elsewhere.

We do not aim to add more convolution and confusion to your already complicated system, on the contrary, with our ERP system we seek to smooth out the functionality of your business so that your effort and time are spend making decisions and performing tasks for the betterment of your company.