Benefits of Having Integrated Multiple Hotel Wholesalers to Same Portal

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Benefits of Having Integrated Multiple Hotel Wholesalers to Same Portal

The advantages of having integrated multiple hotel suppliers within a portal are significant. They include a vast variety of various accommodations to choose from such as budget apartments to luxury villas and leading hotel chains. Plus the more wholesalers there are, coupled with their negotiating factor, the better the chances to receive best rates on hotels. Also since most suppliers provide a wide range of details such as hotel names, rooms availability, accommodation types, ratings, reviews and locations etc on properties, the more effective the hotel mapping will be. Another benefit is the fact that in situations where a hotel wholesaler is unable to distribute their inventory due to setbacks related to technical issues etc, the reservation system will be stable, since other suppliers will be circulating their products, thus enabling clients to access the content without a major drawback.

What is Hotel Mapping? And how this will help you to create successful online travel portal

Hotel mapping is done specifically to display each hotel only once, and to eradicate listing/duplicating hotels under various names as well as feature them in incorrect locations on a map, which can confuse travel agents, tour operators as well as the end travelers. Travel agents and tour operators don’t have the time and energy to spend on filtering wrong data in this competitive industry. For example, ‘Hilton Colombo’ is offered by supplier A and ‘Hilton Sri Lanka’ is provided by supplier B; but both represent the same hotel. So through meticulous hotel mapping, both suppliers are identified as offering the same hotel, and the supplier with the best rate among the two is featured ultimately. This way, clients get access to the hotel at best rate in an effective and efficient manner. Hotel mapping feature also allows users to seamlessly visualize, search and navigate through a variety of hotels by comparing locations, images, facilities, policies, availability and rates to name a few. Hotel wholesalers like RoomsXML have taken the initiative to perfect their data, by manually cross-referencing and updating from various sites, to ensure they offer accurate geocoding of hotel locations.

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