What is Hotel XML API?

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What is Hotel XML API?

How Online Travel Companies gather data from XML suppliers

Hotel APIs are web services XMLs that facilitate travel companies to gather data such as information, availability and pricing from multiple hotel xml suppliers and aggregate them into a general user interface. This allows end users to search and book hotels globally utilizing a single hotel booking system. Web services XMLs are utilized to communicate between the booking system and hotel aggregators online, thus enabling buyers to get seamless results from all the hotel api suppliers.

It is quite direct and efficient to search, book and cancel rooms online with Hotel APIs connected to a hotel booking system. Through this effective and convenient platform, end users have the advantage of finding the best rates for hotels worldwide. There are numerous hotel consolidators around the world such as RoomsXML, GTA, HotelBeds, DOTW, Tourico, HotelPro to name a few. By utilizing the data from these suppliers, hotel booking systems are able to provide information such as hoteldescriptions, room availability, room prices, pictures, map location, facilities and other relevant facets. Buyers are able to search and filter based on star rating, price and hotel name. Also the booking system supports multiple currencies and has the facility to pay online through credit or debit cards as well as via paypal.

On the market, the online booking system provides a robust sales platform by assisting to generate sales around the clock. With multiple hotel APIs connected to the booking system, the platform brings the lowest rates of hotels contracted by these suppliers, thus benefiting end users to receive superb deals.

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