How to come-up with user-friendly hotel filtering options to your client base?

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How to come-up with user-friendly hotel filtering options to your client base?

Various hotel wholesalers focus on a wide range of accommodations catering to a variety of clients. There are those who provide accommodations ranging from budget apartments to luxury hotels and there are those who solely focus on upscale resorts and major hotel chains. Clients prefer to get information such as hotel details, accommodation types, rooms availability, ratings, reviews, images, locations, amenities and price etc, when searching for a hotel for their vacation. Plus to be more user-friendly, facets such as price and content should be view-able in multi-languages and multi-currencies.

With the negotiating factor of many leading hotel wholesalers, clients are able to get the best rates from multiple suppliers. For example a traveler who wishes to stay at Holiday Inn Express has different requirements than the one who wishes to book with Holiday Inn Resorts. Similarly, travelers looking for a romantic getaway will have expectations that differ from those going on family vacations or business trips.

A traveler who wishes to go on a holiday for a short stay to London may prefer to stay at the Hampstead area, at a 4 star serviced apartment with amenities such as wellness centre and internet connection, within the price range of GBP 200 to 250. So a hotel wholesaler/travel agent would be able to cater to this traveler’s requirement, by providing a reservation system with all the relevant filtering options to display the accommodations available, according to the person’s desire. Providing further options like reviews should make it even more easier for the traveler to select his/her preferred accommodation hassle-free.

So by offering clients the option to search and filter by options such as hotel names/brands, property types, rates, facilities, grades, destinations and comments (some hotel wholesalers use the services of well reputed review sites such as Trip Advisor); hotel suppliers are able to ensure a seamless booking process. In other words, the more information provided to filter results, the better for the travelers to find the perfect hotel for their trips.

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