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Kama is a unique club located in the heart of Colombo in Srilanka. We strive to provide our customers with a unique and unforgettable experience in pleasuring the senses.“Kāma is translated from Sanskrit as pleasure of the senses or the aesthetic enjoyment of life”

This is the welcoming message that one is bound to view on the splash page upon visiting www.kamacolombo.com . In due course of deeper elaboration, this venue has indeed proved to be an utter pleasure of the senses and provoke a wondrously aesthetic enjoyment to life amidst its dreamy interiors along its restaurant and nightclub. From the sophistication of elite, cosmopolitan partygoers to a random pose or two in front of the venue’s official photographer, letting yourself go over here at Kama Colombo is an experience that is truly divine and memorable in itself.

While the website’s splash screen is quite touching, it is also accompanied with a sensuous melody that makes a visit session to this website feel all the more delightful. What’s more, exclusive effort has also been applied to the images in this splash screen with the aid of GIF (known as Graphics Interchange Format in short), which is basically a set of images that are constantly played in succession to reveal an animation, such as that which resembles the effect of a loop. In the exclusive case scenario of Kama Colombo, the corridor which leads to the dancefloor is dramatically highlighted via GIF, as this format is much easier and faster than bulky images formatted with Java or Flash.

With CSS hard at work, navigating through all the varied nuances that pertain to the online portal of Kama Colombo is seamless as ever, thereby making this another reason as to why this spot is loved by youngsters all the more. Taking a glance at the bottom right-hand corner of its social media plug-in at the footer is sufficient enough to make one realize about the amount of user traffic that has regularly been flooding this website, and will still continue to do so in the future.

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Live Preview: www.kamacolombo.com