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Specializing in the sale of household appliances such as microwave ovens and stovetops, Update International is a Bangladeshi company that is a key dominating participant within its respective industry nationwide. With showrooms located in Gulshan and Bashundara, Update International has now taken another step further from its competition and taken its business on line for targeting a more globally dispersed and influential audience, all thanks to its dynamically developed website at update-bd.

With basic HTML as the foundation in due course of development, ASP.NET has also been comprehensively utilized as this website is solely dedicated to e-commerce in the form of a shopping cart. With the consideration of security for card-related transactions in mind, potent encryption techniques have also been stringently incorporated into the interface to ensure that every customer’s confidential data is safe and secure while checking out en route shopping.

From a wide array of state-of-the-art Italian kitchen appliances to choose from, navigating from one product to another has been wonderfully simplified by applying command buttons for each category at the header. A search widget at the top right-hand corner of the screen is available throughout, and the mere typing in of a key-phrase or two following with a hit of the return key is all that’s required to jump to a particular product if it isn’t easily accessible via command button clicks.

Another uncanny feature of Update International’s website is their ‘recipes’ section. Visiting ‘download recipes’ is a great way for culinary enthusiasts to revel in their passion, which thereby can potentially lead to many users casually appearing over the company’s website too. Besides, this sort of traffic is also generated via anchor text that lies within this content with relevant backlinks attached to each keyword as consistent SEO practices such as link building tends to escalate the page ranking status of the website to the forefront in leading search engines.

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Live Preview: https://www.update-bd.com/