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Merchant Hub provides payment processing services to the world’s largest financial services providers, to the merchant around the corner, and to businesses and governments of all sizes in between.

With MerchantHub, it is now possible to engage in credit and debit card transactions sans little ado, literally! That’s right, with no initial fee for setup, this card swiping system is available at the sole discretion of any potential enterprise owner upon signing up over their interactive website. Based centrally in the US and the UK, this corporate giant is supposedly promising more than what it fundamentally delivers; in conjunction to processing transactions by means of credit, debit and prepaid cards, this ingenious system is substantially apt to accepting exclusive mobile payments and presenting inventory statistics for enabling business proprietors to serve their customers all the better.

Furthermore, the looks of this website seem to imply that Merchanthub is in fact every bit dedicated to making life easier and all the more easier to every one of its loyal customers, new and old alike. Yes, judging from the innovatively structured graphical user interface (shortly known as GUI) of this organization’s website, navigating between one web page to another just couldn’t have become any simpler. With the latest programming lingos of HTML 5 and CSS3 executed in harnessing this very online platform for the Merchanthub, a benchmark of ultimate responsive web designing has also been achieved, what with its webpages seamlessly compatible amidst a plethora of gadgets with little to no hassle.

If one is on the search for support courtesy of Merchanthub’s products and services, then a variety of social network mediums are available at the common surfer’s dispense for connecting to. From blogs to streaming, a range of publishing prospects have been maintained to ensure hospitable customer relations and maintain substantial backlinks by means of search engine optimization. From authentic reading material to highly definitive snapshots of related paraphernalia, Merchanthub is now truly a leading example for an intrinsically modelled website.

Used Technology
  • Design & Wireframing
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • SEO

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