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A range of luxurious 1BHK and 2BHK chambers for the avid globe trotter who seeks nothing short of the very elegant when it comes to personal taste, Savana is a living vicinity that is situated at the heart of Portocupecoy in St. Maarten, West Indies. Featuring all modern conveniences in the sanctuary of the premises, this spot of accommodation boasts of a panoramic view of the marina at Portocupecoy. Known for its plethora of globally renowned activities such as yachting, ferry rides, sports and shopping, this marina is an ideal hub to visit while in St. Maarten – and Savana has made it all the more accessible by being in close proximity to it!

Available for rent in all seasons, the folks at Savana are always enthusiastic to publicize discounted offers to their list of clientele in exchange for their place of stay. Therefore, its online domain has been specifically designed to not just be interactive, but also intuitive; with a search widget permanently applied at the front right-hand corner of the website, users are continuously directed to carry out a search that may be able to determine convenient dates and prices as per time and budgetary allowances. In addition to this, the ultimate in CMS has also been achieved by including a ‘special offers’ and ‘summer packages’ tab along the header in order to lead users into viewing bargains that may be updated by the enterprise for better public relations.

With the spot-on integration of XML syntax for storing the website’s data, navigating from one page to another is fast, easy and efficient. Apart from providing links to its social media plug-ins at the footer, Savana is all the more bountiful in terms of generating traffic via its well-maintained portfolios in leading websites that review the varied prospects related to travel/tourism and real estate such as hotels, restaurants, condominiums and various other agencies.

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