Search Engine Giant Google released EMD update

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Search Engine Giant Google released EMD update; SEO experts are on their drawing board again.

Another update from Google. Panda Penguin and now EMD, Search Engine Optimisation experts & SEO Companies are trying to grasp & to figure it out how will affect them and their clients. Due to this update Google algorithm changed and this has affected definite amount of panic among the SEO community and they are doing upmost to make sure their websites are compatible with these changers

What is Google EMD Update ?

EMD stand for Exact Domain Match, for example if your keyword is Travel Web Developers your domain would be, Wait… it does not mean that if your website domain is EMD you are penalized or vice versa.

All the domain names are EMD’s. E.g. exact match key word is “456 cat master man. Even though it is not a commonly used keyword, still it s a EMD. So Google EMD does not apply to EMD sites.

Basically Google is slapping Sites Not for Being EMD’s, But for Other Factors. Google “type” of site that targeting to misuse the EMD edge or other on page factors. So Google is penalizing for signs of EMD misuse, and not just penalizing for being a EMD.

Hopefully you got the answer & calmed your EMD update panic just a bit. We’ll update more on these new algorithm changers. Until then don’t jump out of a bridge.