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We are an organic Google marketing agency in Colombo, Sri Lanka. When it comes to SEO Oganro recognizes that it’s not about “get-the traffic” _ it’s about “get the targeted and relevant traffic”

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Oganro is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company and Web Marketing Agency with a difference – we perform all our SEO projects with the objective that your website is placed in front of people who are potential clients and will want to buy from you. We achieve this by delivering high quality sales leads after top rankings over leading search engines. What’s more, our services don’t stop there: all our operations are a part of a holistic marketing approach which shall ensure that your business gets the most out of the internet.

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  • The main goal of SEO is to ensure that search engines are giving a good value to your website by ranking it high enough upon searching for your marketed keyword queries.
  • SEO is crucial for online businesses as more than 95% of potential customers make use of the web and search engines to find their desired products and services.
  • Only about 93% of the above users will go beyond the second page to search for their product or service – the rest make do with what they see in the first two pages!
  • Upto 90% of users tally their own preference to that of search engine preferences and valuations. While you can technically be the best seller for a product or service in the market, a poor SEO background for your venture can drastically drag the true value of your products and services down as they don’t rank high enough over search engines.
  • Final conclusion – If you don’t rank on the very first page, you are losing most of your customers!

What is SEO?

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One of the main issues with SEO services in Sri Lanka is a lack of knowledgeable Google specialists.

Under the hands of an SEO company that is less than average in terms of intelligence and skill, you’ll eventually end up wasting time and money as results can be insignificant and inappropriate, making little to no impact on your rankings. On an honest note, while you may have to wait for a long time to rank, you may be told that you could rank at the soonest! Along with this being unfair and unethical, every business and website owner deserves the very best in SEO and Oganro can provide this, even under a budget.

As a online marketing expert, we always take more time to evaluate your requirement before sign any agreement or committing for any SEO services. By having this method we make sure client is fully understand our SEO campaign structure. Also make sure they are comfortable with our expected results.


Our SEO professionals

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What makes our SEO professionals so special?

Apart from being skilled and experienced, all our SEO experts in Sri Lanka are cordial enough to provide you services that are friendly and personalized. Stationed in our offices in Colombo, they will take the initiative to exclusively consider your individual marketing requirements and henceforth apply organic SEO techniques to boost your search engine rankings.

  • We do guarantee that our clients will be happy with our results.
  • We do guarantee that if they implement our recommendations, search traffic will rise and there Google rank (SERP).
  • Realistic estimates will be after analyzing current website, market and keyword selections.
  • We have given and we do guarantee that our work won’t put them at risk of penalties from the search engines.


Our SEO approaches

our SEO approach

Our approach for proficient SEO includes:

  • The research of keywords based on client required market and services or products.
  • Competitor analysis to evaluate and understand lucrative opportunities to get best & quickest ROI possible.
  • The creation of optimized content to make sure each landing pagers are fully optimized for targeted keywords.
  • Optimize page structure on each landing page for better visitor conversions.
  • Website link structures are optimized to make sure search engine crawlers understand most important money pages compared to rest of the pages.
  • Submit site content to search engines and directories for faster indexation.
  • Sensible and white hat Back-link creation/link building according to with in Google rules.
  • Niche related high authoritative article directory submissions.
  • Many more…