We prides our self in offering result-based price quotations. This means that you pay by ranking. We quote you a ladder of prices, from a base retainer that rises as you reach googles first page, then the first five results, and so forth. Our experience has shown that this creates a win-win situation, where both sides are rewarded for their work.

Our Organic SEO Pricing Structure

We have analyzed our five-year optimization experience to create an algorithmic system of pricing that factors the following:

Current organic SEO Ranking

A site that already ranks for the targeted key words on the first few pages of search engines will receive a lower price quote than a brand new site or a site that doesnt rank at all. However, in cases of high competition, a supporting site might need to be created, which will translate into a higher price-quote.

Age of Site

Since search engines favor the age of domains, an existing site will rise in rank faster than a brand new domain. However, in cases in which the existing domain doesn’t match the targeted key word or phrase, our analysis may determine that it is better to create a new site or transfer the contents of your existing domain to a new domain. Your price quote will be affected accordingly.


Popularity of Key Word or Phrase

A major algorithm in determining the labor involved in organic SEO optimization is the popularity of your targeted key word. A popular key word is harder to target. Our algorithm gauges the popularity of your targeted key word and translates it into the price quote.


Competition isn’t necessarily synonymous with popularity, because some key words may be very lucrative to particular businesses but not so popular. Our algorithmic system therefore gauges the competition around your targeted key word and factors it into the price quote.

To receive an organic SEO price quotation for your business, contact us.