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We are an organic SEO specialist who always follows google recommendations and algorithm updates.

We are an organic SEO consultants based in London,  specializes in promoting your website on major search engines. Our SEO professionals experienced in content creation and website promotion. We measure our work and price our services by results. Read on for a general overview of our approach and methods.


Oganro, as an  Organic SEO Company, we have boiled down the laws of search engine optimization to Ten Commandments. Following is a list of these ten of our company rules. Click on each to learn its specifications:


Keyword Research

Research explores online demand. We discover which keywords are searched for in your locality and how often. We research the current organic SEO listings of those words and phrases. Research also brings you up to speed with your competition, because it shows you what others are targeting and why. Research helps you test the waters before you jump, to make sure your investment is worthwhile.

Optimize Website Structure

Different niches have different structures and a company that presents a platform more suitable to a personal blog will lose many of its potential visitors. Title, tagline, menu and sidebar are all factors to be taken into consideration as you analyse the path you’d like your visitor to take. Form must follow function, and while it is important to present an attractive site, it is also crucial that its structure be reader friendly and topic relevant. Proper function translates into higher organic SEO rankings.

SEO Web Content Writing

Website content falls into two categories: static and dynamic. Static content refers to the pages that don’t change, such as your homepage, about page, FAQ’s, etc. Dynamic content refers to regularly published posts. In both cases, commandment #3 calls to focus your content on the targeted keywords that were chosen in commandment #1. Focused content makes your visitor read rather than browse. It keeps your site climbing on the organic SEO ladder of its targeted key word or phrase.

Search Engine Submission

Launching is an active process. Major search engines must be notified of your site to index it quickly. There are various ways of doing this, all of which entail submitting sitemaps. Launching can also apply to an already existing site optimized for better visibility. Objective organic SEO ranking is also in the interest of major search engines, who want to know when a new site is out that covers a specific niche.

Monitoring Adjustment

A period of monitoring and adjustment follows launching. At this stage, the initial rankings are studied, as well as the initial trend. Does the organic SEO ranking of your site climb steadily, stabilize or drop? Based on the initial trends, and your site’s relation to other competing sites, adjustments can be made.

Indexing and Listing

Indexing means listing your site in major listings of your niche. ‘Google Places’, ‘Yahoo Local’, ‘Yelp’ and ‘Yellow Pages’ are popular broad ones, but each field usually has its own specialized listings. The benefit of adding your new site to these is twofold: 1. It increases the potential relevant traffic to your site and 2. It increases the value of your site by adding powerful back-links (discussed in commandment#8)

Social Media Marketing

One factor in organic SEO is traffic. Search engines will favor frequently visited sites – especially frequently revisited sites – since this is proof of their value in the eyes of readers. Social networking expands your reach and tightens the weave of your web. Different niches have different social networks, and part of networking is enhancing your presence on the optimum social networks for your product or service.

Organic Link Building

Back-links are links from other sites to yours. They are testaments to a site’s credibility, because a valuable site will accure referrals from other sites in the form of back links. Therefore, organic SEO results factor in the number of back links, their relevance and their source, to properly position your site’s ranking.

Create, Optimize Landing Pages

Search engine crawlers revisit your site periodically. A site that adds regular content bears an advantage in organic SEO over a site that doesn’t. Frequent updates that are well-read by visitors testify a living and valuable site, which makes them worthy of a higher rank than sites that don’t update their content. Depending on your niche, our Organic SEO Company educates and instructs you how to publish new content.

Explore and Expand

Expansion is the final stage. If your site ranks highly, is listed in social networking forums, supported by good back links and is regularly updated with new content – from here onwards, the way is only up. Our organic SEO company will explore your possibilities of expanding to other areas, using your existing popularity to leverage success in new fields.

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Our SEO professionals have years of experience in helping clients to have a strong online presence. We trust in captivating a comprehensive move towards to search engine optimisation by adapting, changing and innovating new ideas to keep our customers on top of the rankings. Simple Idea of SEO is a method of converting your website in to a format that search engines can effortlessly scan your website and bring it on peak of the list of web searches. Once Google , Yahoo , Bing or any other search engines are ‘mates’ to your website, it will be grade top in search results and will automatically force and bring more customers and your audience towards you.

This process of optimising a site and get closer to the top of the search engines is not uncomplicated or straightforward. All major players like Google and Bing position or rank websites using over 300 ranking principle’s and continually changing & tuning its algorithm always, therefore all website needs to persistently advance its optimisation to stay in front. This means online business proprietors rather to tie up entirely with professional local SEO service providers to guarantee that this task is looked after well. If you a business based in London looking to optimise your website do not look further than Oganro. We are an expert and Cost effective SEO Consultancy Company helped many businesses around London to produce high online sales through speedy and efficient search marketing

Properly SEO optimised websites get free directed traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our Company’s SEO techniques and approach to each client is unique. We are an Organic SEO Agency and forward thinking company, making a straight influence to your main marketing goals. Our ROI and results oriented method guaranteed to provide our clients with real push in search engine results positions.


Analysis and consultation on optimum keywords and phrases, analysis of site content and suggestions to increase search engine positioning. Development of keyword specific pages using proprietary techniques, hand submissions to the search engines and directories that account for 99% of all internet searches, including: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos etc.

Ongoing maintenance, modifications and re-submissions to address, frequent changes in search engine ranking algorithms, and new pages being added to their database – thus ensuring premium positioning for your website.

Development of keyword specific pages using proprietary techniques, hand submissions to the search engines and directories that account for 99% of all internet searches, including: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos etc.