Hotel Suppliers

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Hotel Suppliers We Work With

Leading hotel wholesalers include players such as HotelsPro, HotelBeds, RoomsXML, GTA, Tourico, Travco, Boscolo and many others. Their main business focus is to supply hotel accommodation to the travel trade. These hotel suppliers work together with numerous international hotels & resorts to offer the best selection of hotel accommodation at lowest rates.

They are also known to provide much information such as hotel names/brands, prices, star ratings, accommodation types, vacation themes, locations and amenities, for clients to filter their search results in an effective and efficient manner.

Many of this experienced hotel suppliers also undertake other travel related services such as excursion arrangements, offering facilities to reserve tickets for events and theme parks, transfer services, as well as support services with visa etc, to ensure their clients receive the best possible service. Also the leading hotel wholesalers are recognized for the fact that they put a lot of effort in perfecting their data for better hotel mapping, by manually cross-referencing and updating from numerous sources, to make sure they offer correct geocoding of hotel locations.

Clients are able to book hotels within a short period of time through these hotel suppliers’ respective online booking systems or sell their product range through clients’ own branded website via the hotel wholesalers’ XML interfaces. The interface is designed to enable real-time communication between agents’ websites and hotel wholesalers’ servers by using XML formatted data. This type of alliance grants affiliated sites to tailor the hotel information, destination lists, profit margin as well as room availability. These hotel suppliers offer XML on net rates or commissionable rates. Plus they are experienced experts on meeting the requirements of a diverse client base ranging from small independent distributors to internationally acclaimed tour operators.

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