Virtual Card Payment Solution

Virtual Card Payment Solution Providers

If anyone were to ask you what the most popular mode of payment is nowadays, chances are you would say credit card. Which is not untrue. Since their introduction to the world, credit cards have had and continue to have a significant presence, particularly in the online world. They have been incredibly convenient, facilitating real-time deals from one corner of the globe to the other.

However, they have also proven to be equally risky, resulting in a multitude of scams, fraud and even identity theft. Hence, businesses find it difficult to consider credit cards worthy where real-time payments are concerned. The risks that come with them are too much to bear, and they are slowly detracting from the practice. Thus, rapidly taking the place of credit cards today, are virtual card payments.

For those in the travel industry in particular, virtual card payments have proven to be a wonderful replacement. How it works is, instead of using the same card number over numerous transactions as is the case with credit cards, a one-time, 16-digit number is issued to the recipient. The recipient then, in turn enters this number when checking out. A host of problems are eliminated in the process, as funds are transferred in real-time.

Dependable Virtual Card Payment Solution Providers are obviously important, whom we have listed here.

Find below virtual card payment solutions with API Integration facilities, ideal for online travel businesses wishes to settle payment real-time.

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